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Clairemont Pediatric Dental


Digital Radiography

Through digital radiography, we are able to render a highly detailed image of your child’s mouth in an instant through the use of an X-ray. These image results can be easily shared between dentists or other relevant parties if necessary. With the latest technology, the radiation exposure from digital radiography has been greatly reduced without compromising the high quality of the images.

Comprehensive Oral Exams

Regular examinations are still your best bet of protection against tooth loss, gum disease, and other dental conditions. A comprehensive oral exam may include the following:

Full Mouth Series/Panoramic

A full mouth series of X-rays combined with a panoramic X-ray allows your child’s dentist another comprehensive view of the mouth.

Periodontal Screenings

Periodontal screenings are helpful in detecting various gum disease, including periodontitis and gingivitis.